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About Craftica

The world of Craftica offers you affordable, well-designed products and solutions for every room in your home. Our values and optimism are shared with millions of co-workers and customers around the world. Along with our desire to champion sustainable living, we firmly support responsible sourcing, and communities in need of support.

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What We Do

For every complex design problem, we have an answer that is clear, simple, and powerful.  Recognizing our customer’s need is the primary condition for design. We listen, observe, understand, sympathize, empathize and synthesize to map individual requirements.


Resin Furniture

Epoxy resin is a material that dries hard and attaches the individual wood pieces together. It can be coloured or clear depending upon the overall design. We create epoxy resin furniture to expose, engage and excite your mood, character and passion. For instance, if you’re an entrepreneur, we can customize an office table related to his business theme, similar to a restaurant or school or any profession or passion.

Space Saving Furniture

Now the new generation construction and cost of living space demand more. There is a need for space saving furniture. The new era of construction is aimed at providing economical living space for all. Where a small space should be aesthetically prepared to be a bigger one, we conceptualized an idea called ‘Space saving furniture’. Examples include bunker beds, Foldable dining and reading table, Cot Storage and Kitchen cabinet storages.

Interior Works

We deliver interior solutions for Commercial and residential, from a seamless, cost effective and innovative designing to execution, which transform your space into a dream space. Either its your home or workspace, by an end to end solution, we make you to sit and relax untill the process. completes. Our Services includes, Modular Kitchen, wardrobes, partitions, furniture, wallpaper, special lightings and etc..

Craftica’s Range of Furniture

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What Our Clients Say

Received Epoxy Resin Clock ⏰. The quality is so good and it made our home Wall decorative!. Thanks to Craftica 🙂