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Comparison & Features of Epoxy Resin Furniture over Conventional Furniture

The epoxy resin table has Extra features than conventional tables: Compare and know the difference. between the Epoxy Resin Funirture and Conventional Furniture

  1. Variety of design solutions.  – The masterpiece designs are created by the  combination of wood, landscape compositions, imitations of water spaces, and other interesting designs are pioneered . The malleable property of the resin allows the table to easily achieve any shape. Fine and the cured resin is easily processed by  grinding or polishing  and if needed grooves are easily turned out or holes are drilled.
  2. Excellent performance. – The Epoxy Resin is highly durable and does not allow deformation, mechanical damage and cracks.
  3. One of the notable features of epoxy resin is moisture resistance which aids the kitchen furniture to resist against humidity created while cooking.   
  4. Convenient care – Epoxy furniture is easy to clean and only need minimal maintenance. Any cleaning products will help in keeping the furniture clean and glossy.   
  5. Wear resistance – the Epoxy furniture are less impetus  to ultraviolet radiation so the integrity of the furniture is maintained for long time.  
  6. Inexpensive – These furniture give life to the creative designs, satisfaction, and utmost feel the final product. The raw materials are carefully chosen with in affordable range and also allows to incorporate any of the precious souvenirs to the design.   
  7. Visual expansion of space. The modern furniture enhance the product quality by glossy finish, optical illusions, creative designs and space it as required. 

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