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Know about Epoxy Resin Furniture

How to maintain epoxy resin furniture?

The Solution: One of the best ways to prevent an epoxy resin furniture from wear and tear due to UV light is to apply a coat of UV resistant urethane. This will give it a strong protection from the harmful rays, but also allow you to have that masterpiece that you built.

1 . Dont keep sharp hard material on the furniture

2. Avoid contact from heat and fire (But But Epoxy resin slabs are tested for FIRE RESISTANCE and HEAT RESISTANCE, Which including Small light, Fire, Direct Sunlight Heat, Boiling Heat, Thermo Heat)

8. While moving and porting use proper packing to avoid damages and scratches

With a wet towel and basic cleaner, simply wipe down the tabletop in between daily use.  When performing  in-depth tabletop maintenance, use a sponge and luke warm soapy water instead of a soft cloth can help remove any build-up.  Call Craftica for yearly maintenance with professional polishing cream and puffing

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